Sterile Extension Sets For Single Use

Short Description:

● Type A: Gravity feed,PVC material without PHT.

● Type B: Use with pressure infusion equipment, PVC material without PHT.

● Type C: Use with pressure infusion equipment, PE material.

● Type D: Use with pressure infusion equipment, PE material, Opacus.

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Product Features

Intended use The sterile extension sets are used in various infusion operations. it can increase filtration, flow rate regulation or dosing performance of the liquid medicine. It is also used to increase the length of the infusion tube.
Structure and compostion Protect cover,Tubing,Flow regulator,Outer conical fitting,Precision Flow Regulators, Precision filter,Stop clamp,Needle-free injection site,Y-Injection site, Little adaptor and Conical Injection site.
Shelf life 5 years
Certification and Quality Assurance MDR(CE Class: IIa)

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