Kdl Disposable Sterile Luer Lock Three Finger Dose Control Syringes

Short Description:

● 10 ml

● Sterile, non-toxic. non-pyrogenic, Single use only

● Safety design and easy for using

● Manufactured in accordance with ISO 13485


Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Features

Intended use Intended to inject drug for patients.
The syringes are intended for use immediately after filling and are not intended to contain the medicament for extended periods of time.
The finger is designed to fit the large hand peg,and the cannula push rod is easy to operate with one hand which can effectively control the injection speed.
Structure and compostion Barrel,Plunger,Plunger Stopper
Main Material PP, Isoprene rubber, Silicone oil, ABS
Shelf life 5 years
Certification and Quality Assurance CE,ISO13485

Product Parameters

Specification  10ml
Needle Size   /

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