KINDLY GROUP ATTENDED 2023 Medlab Asia & Asia Health in Thailand

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Medlab Asia & Asia Health 2023, one of the most important medical laboratory exhibitions in the region, is scheduled for 16-18 August 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand. With over 4,200 attendees expected, including delegates, visitors, distributors and medical laboratory senior executives from across Asia, the event promises to be a valuable networking and knowledge-sharing platform.

One of the key players in the show is the KDL Group, known for its wide range of medical products.  KDL brought a range of products to the show, including blood collection needles, insulin products and veterinary supplies. The showcase allowed KDL to deepen its relationship with buyers, providing an opportunity to interact and build long-term connections.

As an important platform for the industry, Medlab Asia & Asia Health 2023 provides the perfect way for exhibitors and attendees to learn about the latest developments and innovations in the field. By witnessing new product launches, professionals in the medical laboratory space can benefit greatly from gaining insights, exploring market trends and discovering cutting-edge solutions.

The exhibit is a melting pot of ideas, fostering collaboration and understanding among professionals from diverse backgrounds. Bringing together representatives from different countries and healthcare industry sectors, the event encourages the exchange of knowledge and best practice. This communal learning environment could lead to major advances in healthcare technology and improve patient care across the region.

Furthermore, Medlab Asia & Asia Health 2023 offers participants a unique opportunity to learn about different markets and explore potential business avenues. Distributors and senior executives can connect with industry leaders, share experiences and explore partnerships for growth and expansion in Asia’s growing healthcare sector.


Post time: Aug-21-2023