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● 14G, 16G, 17G, 18G, 20G, 22G, 24G, 26G.

● Sterile, non-pyrogenic, medical-grade raw material.

● Maximum 72 hours dwelling.

● FEP or PUR peripheral catheter.

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Product Features

Intended use Pen-type I.V. Catheter is adopted by insert-blood- vessel-system, avoiding cross infection efficiently.
Structure and composition Pen-type I.V. Catheter is consisted of protective cap, peripheral catheter, pressure sleeve, catheter hub, needle hub, needle tube, air-outlet connector, air-outlet connector filtration membrane, protective cap, positioning ring.
Main Material PP, SUS304 Stainless Steel Cannula, Silicone Oil, FEP/PUR, PC, 
Shelf life 5 years
Certification and Quality Assurance CE, ISO 13485.

Product Parameters

Needle Size 14G, 16G, 17G, 18G, 20G, 22G, 24G, 26G

Product Introduction

The Pen Type IV Catheter is designed to provide a safe and effective way to easily and accurately infuse medication or draw blood. This product is carefully crafted from medical-grade raw materials, and uses a hard plastic shell to optimize safety. The color of the needle seat is also easy to identify the specification and easy to use.

Our IV Catheter has a tip at the end of the catheter that fits precisely into the needle. This ensures complete and smooth performance during venipuncture, making it a suitable choice for medical professionals looking for maximum efficiency. Our products are ethylene oxide sterilized to ensure sterility and pyrogen-free, reducing the risk of infection.

We follow high quality and safety standards in compliance with ISO13485 quality system.
The IV Catheter Pen is designed for maximum patient comfort and ease of use by healthcare professionals.

Our IV Catheter Pen is designed to make infusions or blood draws less painful, more precise, and more convenient for healthcare professionals. We offer the best prices, excellent customer service and fast delivery times. It is the perfect solution for any medical workplace dedicated to providing quality care to its patients.

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