Disposable Prefiled Flush Syringe 5ml 10ml 20 ml for Hospital Medical Use

Short Description:

● Luer lock with Caps

● PP, BIIR rubber, Silicone Oil

● Sterile, non-toxic. non-pyrogenic, Single use only

● Safety design and easy for using

● Standard: ISO7886-1 

● CE approved and manufactured in accordance with ISO 13485

Product Detail

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Product Features

Intended use Syringes used for pre-filled vaccines, anticancer drugs, anti-tumor and other drugs.
Structure and compostion Protective cap, Barrel, Plunger stopper, Plunger.
Main Material PP, BIIR rubber, Silicone Oil
Shelf life 5 years
Certification and Quality Assurance CE, ISO13485

Product Parameters

Specification Luer Lock with Cap
Product Size  3ml,5ml,10ml,20ml

Product Introduction

KDL Prefilled Irrigation Syringe is designed to ensure the safe and effective administration of prefilled vaccines, anti-cancer drugs, anti-neoplastic drugs and other medications, our syringes are revolutionizing the healthcare industry. Our focus on quality, functionality and user-friendliness has created a product that guarantees optimal patient care.

KDL prefilled flush syringes are ruggedly constructed for a wide range of medical applications. It consists of four basic components: protective cap, barrel, plunger plug and plunger. These components are carefully manufactured using only the highest quality materials, namely PP, BIIR Rubber and Silicone Oil. The addition of these materials ensures durability and environmental friendliness, in line with our commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices.

One of the outstanding features of our prefilled flush syringes is their extra long shelf life. With a stability guarantee of up to five years, medical professionals can be confident in its reliability and performance. Extended shelf life minimizes waste and enables cost-effective inventory management, making our syringes ideal for healthcare facilities of all sizes.

KDL prefilled flush syringes adhere to the strictest quality standards and regulations. Our manufacturing processes are fully compliant with ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 quality systems, allowing us to provide products with excellent safety and efficacy. We understand the critical importance of product certification and quality assurance, giving our customers peace of mind.

KDL Prefilled Irrigation Syringe is the epitome of medical device excellence. Its innovative design, high-quality construction, and adherence to industry standards make it the first choice of medical professionals worldwide. Whether injecting vaccines or delivering life-saving medications, our syringes guarantee unparalleled performance. Choose KDL prefilled flush syringes and join us in revolutionizing healthcare and experience the pinnacle of quality and efficiency.

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