Disposable O Ring Enteral Oral Feeding Syringe / Dispenser 1ml 3ml 5ml 10ml 20ml 60ml

Short Description:

● Low dose:1ml, 3ml;

● Standard: 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 60ml

● Sterile, non-toxic. non-pyrogenic, Single use only

● Safety design and easy for using

● FDA 510k approved and manufactured in accordance with ISO 13485

Product Detail

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Product Features

Intended use The device is indicated for use as a dispenser, a measuring device and a fluid transfer device. It is used to deliver fluids into the body orally or enterally. It is intended to be used in clinical or home care settings by users ranging from clinicians to laypersons (under the supervision of a clinician) in all age groups.
Structure and compostion Barrel, Plunger, Isoprene Gasket
Main Material PP, Isoprene Rubber, Silicone Oil
Shelf life 5 years
Certification and Quality Assurance CE, FDA 510K, ISO13485

Product Parameters

Specification 1ml 3ml 5ml 10ml 20ml 60ml
Needle Size  /

Product Introduction

The KDL oral/enteral syringe, a reliable and practical solution for precise delivery of medications and fluids. 

Safety and ease of use are paramount in the design of our oral/enteral syringes. We have implemented safety mechanisms to prevent accidental spills or leaks, ensuring accurate and efficient delivery of medications and fluids. The syringe's ergonomic design allows for comfortable operation, allowing healthcare professionals and patients to conveniently administer medications or liquids.

Our oral/enteral syringes are FDA 510k approved, demonstrating compliance with the highest quality and safety standards. Additionally, the device is manufactured in compliance with ISO 13485, further guaranteeing its reliability and performance.

This versatile device has multiple functions and can be used as a dispenser, measuring tool, and fluid transfer device. It is particularly suitable for oral or enteral liquid administration. Whether in a clinical setting or at home, our syringes are essential tools for the accurate delivery of medications and fluids.

KDL oral/enteral syringes combine reliability, safety and ease of use. It is available in various capacities in low dose and standard options to meet various dosing requirements. Rest assured, our syringes are FDA approved and manufactured to ISO 13485, ensuring their quality and performance. Enhance your medication and fluid delivery experience with our oral/enteral syringes, the trusted choice of healthcare professionals and patients.




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